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When looking at your project there are many areas that will be crucial to "get right" Lighting being one of the most important. Lighting can bring to life the features you have worked on, transforming a room, or area, and giving the mood and feel you are looking to achieve.

At ULMC we do not depend on partners or 3rd party designers and hope they "get it right", we have our own Light Industry Federation qualified designer who has over  35 years of experience. We can show and explain effects that can be achieved and bring a wealth of experience to your project in all aspects of lighting.  

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As an independent lighting supplier we can use the products that are right for your home that will fit perfectly into any interior design, contemporary or classical. We have the very latest LED dimmable technology that can help with the drive for energy efficient lighting and we can help and advise you through the issue of part L compliance.

After consultation and discussions with you to talk through your likes and preferences, we will produce an initial lighting plan from your architect's drawings, which will start the process. From this we will tweak and tailor the design until we have a plan in place that is perfect for you and the project.

But we do not leave it there, will go through the design with your project manager, builder and electrician to ensure the installation is carried out correctly. From our experience we know how installation mistakes can be frustrating and costly, so we will continue to carry out site visits and be available to help as the project develops.

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